VALID AI: Execution accelerator for generative AI in healthcare

VALID AI is execution-focused and aims to bridge the gap in
coordinated efforts, rapidly advancing validation, and
governance implementation

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Generative AI: a watershed moment for healthcare

  • There is immense potential for generative AI to revolutionize care delivery for patients and providers.
  • Generative AI represents the future of patient engagement and clinical decision support, automation of low-value tasks like coding and note-taking, and the transformation of hospital operations and medical education.


  • Despite the tremendous promise, there is a lack of coordinated efforts to explore promising use-cases, accelerate execution, and share the experiences of implementing and scaling transformational solutions in a collaborative way.
  • Most healthcare organizations still lack a coherent AI strategy, governance framework, and adoption roadmap, let alone a defined approach to Generative AI technologies in particular.
  • To bridge this gap, we have launched VALID AI to rapidly advance the co-validation of generative AI use-cases, member-led execution, and governance implementation. VALID AI will facilitate collaboration across the public and private sectors and promote co-transformation at the national level.

VALID AI comes from
a progression of industry efforts

Lays out the common-sense
protections for all use of AI

Stipulates healthcare organizations use AI safely, effectively, and equitably

Creates the Guidelines
for AI use in healthcare

Implementation and execution of generative AI in healthcare

The missing piece has been
Open Innovation And execution

VALID AI is execution-focused and aims to bridge the gap in coordinated efforts, rapidly advancing validation and governance implementation

Membership momentum

VALID AI provides a high
quality member program











Program team

Executive Sponsors

David Lubarsky

MD, MBA CEO, UC Davis Health

Ashish Atreja

MD, MPH CDO & CIO, UC Davis Health

Program Partners


Kamal Jethwani

MD, MPH CEO, Decimal Health


Kassandra Karpathakis

Engagement, Decimal Health

Program Execution

Dennis Chornenky

MS, MPH, MBA Chief AI Advisor,
UC Davis Health

Dolly Moorhead

VP Special Projects,
Domelabs AI

Austin Crumpton

MPH Principal Scientist,
Domelabs AI

Impactful member benefits
and resources

• Monthly virtual learning sessions
• Focus on exploring relevant use-cases, realigning
organizational structures for optimal governance
and safety

• Access to an online portal
• Resources including a validated use-case library,
leadership guidance, playbooks, white papers,
directories, and more

• In-person summits exclusively for CEOs and C-
suite members
• Executive sessions covering the latest research
and emerging applications

• Access to future venture partnership initiatives
• Provide maturity assessments for implementation

Next steps

September 2023
Founding Member Finalization
October 9, 2023
Official Launch at Hlth
October 9, 2023
Biweekly virtual session series

Sessions focusing on vision, alignment, learning, implementation science and dissemination

December 6-8, 2023
NODE.Health Conference (tech partners to be announced)

Microsoft, Times Square, New York

January 7, 2024
Presentations at JPM Summit

City Club of San Francisco, San Francisco, California

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